Smudge the Cat's story of becoming the Bothy cat

 I'm not sure which planet she's on that can think that a cats can actually do stories but however I found the the Planet and one likes to humour  so if you've got five minutes this is my story. 

When I arrived as a tiny kitten another cat, Bombur, was already here, together with a large German Shepherd called Merlin. Bomber soon learned to tolerate my antics and became my friend and Merlin was a good old soul who just left us to get on with life. 

We all lived happily together in the house and often, as a morning ritual, I would wave my paws under the bedroom door to signal time to get up, and when I was let in I proceeded to make sure everyones eyebrows were washed for the day.

Poor Merlin was an elderly chap and after he died there was a bit of a gap, but then there was a dramatic change in life. This little creature with a very big bounce and silly fluffy ears arrived and disrupted the whole household with her puppy chaos. It was another German Shepherd called Shanti! She was actually smaller than me ( can you believe it) and relentlessly playful. I decided I'd had just enough of this bit of nonsense that grew bigger and bigger and that for a bit of peace and quiet I'd take refuge and live outside. Luckily there are plenty of warm hidy holes. 

Bombur the Brave didn't mind being sucked and chewed and if I'd had the courage to just sit still it would have been fine, but I thought legging it was safer, unfortunately Shanti loves to chase everything that moves so running is not the best plan really.

I'm the only cat here now but I'm quite happy surveying and monitoring the goings on. I love being round the horses. In the morning, when they are being fed, I sit doing my yoga exercises and ablutions, making sure my whiskers are in trim and my paws are snowy white. My food is put in a safe place everyday and I get plenty of strokes and tickles

 However I don't get to sit by the fire in the house, or on knees in the kitchen( tissues to hand please) but I do love a fuss so long as i'm not picked up so It seemed obvious - Here is the plan - I would become the Bothy Cat in Residence 

 It occurred to me that there were often opportunities where a basic cat needs could be met by the lovely folks that come to stay in the Bothy. I watch carefully as people arrive and present myself at the earliest opportunity, sometimes without  a by your leave or proper introduction I jump in and proceed to make myself  at home and settle down for a good purr.

I don't mean to be cheeky, so if you come to stay please forgive me if cats are not your favourite or you have and allergy, you are quite at liberty to show me the door and I will be fine, although I might be a bit slow at getting the message!

Otherwise I will sit warm, comfortable and contented in a very Smug Cat sort of way and hope that  "Cottage Comes with Bonus Cat" means that you, as a guest, feel that I help make it feel more homely!!

Thank you for reading my special page xx